I Want A Christmas That Whispers Jesus

Photo by Tina Unsell Seamon

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, but lately it has been hard to celebrate.

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How can you feel that way about Christmas?”

For the past several years it’s become more worrisome than joyful.

And honestly, I have to admit it isn’t the picture I envision for myself or my family, especially when I think about celebrating my savior’s birth.

It’s been hard the last couple of years. With everything we have had to endure as a society and as a nation as a whole. It’s been especially hard for those of us Christian’s who are desperately trying to live by our moral and Biblical standards. It seems, at times, that we are being forced to do things that goes against our will. Things in which goes against our beliefs or that we believe to be just and right in the eyes of God. And it’s getting worse by the day. I know I’m not alone when I say that we all have felt the impact of it all.

It’s Christmastime and instead of feeling excited I’m feeling anxiety, extremely tired, worn out, and looking forward to when Christmas is over.

Christmas has become so commercialized and downright demanding that it can sometimes take the enjoyment out of celebrating.

And on top of that, financial burdens can make it difficult for everyone around the holidays.

Trying to figure out how to purchase gifts for your children at this time of year, when you don’t have the means to do so encompasses a whole lot of unwanted pressure that causes me and I am sure many others to dread this time of year.

It wasn’t always this way.

What happened?

Where did the jubilation go?

When did it become more about the gifts than about Jesus?

When did I allow my heart to become so disheartened?

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and my heart aches that seldom the celebration is truly wrapped up in Him.

Beyond all decorations, tinsel, Christmas trees, lights, gifts, and the many to do list, where does Jesus fit in?

Has my family made room for Him?

Have I made room for Him?

Have you made room for Him?

After all, Jesus is the reason we celebrate the season, right?

Or have we quickly forgotten?

Have I allowed the pressures of life to dampen my spirit?

Unfortunately, it has, but I don’t have to let it, do I? Do we?

Most certainly not!

Then what do I do about it?

What do we do about it?

How do I (we) combat the feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and the endless amounts of pressures that are brought about during the holidays.

We keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus.

We never let ourselves lose sight of the significance, joy and the miracle of the birth of Jesus.

When our souls are weary we continue to look to Jesus.

We continue to pray and seek His face above all others.

At Christmastime, and in every season.

May we never forget or need reminding of the extraordinary gift that we have been given.

May we never forget to Thank God, for His precious gift of Jesus.

You know the story!

One Holy night, long long ago, a baby changed everything.

For unto us a Child is born.
For unto us a Son is given.

… Born in a stable.
… Wrapped in swaddling clothes
… Placed in a manger
… He was no ordinary baby
… He was Immanuel — God with us

His name shall be called Wonderful Jesus

… Our Blessed Hope
… Our Blessed Assurance

… The Savior of the whole entire world
… The Incarnate God
… The Way, the Truth and the Life
… The True Vine
… The Resurrection and the Life
… The Mediator
… The Lamb of God
… The High Priest
… The Good Shepherd
… The Deliverer
… The Redeemer
… The Bread of Life
… The Author & Perfecter of Our Faith
… The Lord of All
… The Great I Am
… The Counselor
… The Mighty God
… The Everlasting Father
… The Prince of Peace
… The Word of Life
… The Word of God
… The Holy One
… The Light of the World
… The King of Kings and Lord of Lords
… The One True GOD!

The story of Jesus’ birth doesn’t end there.
The story of Jesus’ birth is so much more.

It’s not just a beautiful Christmas story, but the most beautiful Christmas story ever told.

From the birth of Jesus in a manger to the Star of Bethlehem, Christmas is a celebration of God becoming flesh as a gift of love.

The greatest gift of love in whom through and by Him, our Lord, Christ Jesus, would save His people from their sins.

May we be reminded of God’s indescribable gift of love — our beautiful Jesus.

This Christmas, may we make time to just

… Slow Down
… Pause
… Quiet our Hearts.
… Calm our Minds
… Prioritize our Focus

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a Christmas that is,

… hurried
… worried
… pressured
… stressed
… boxed
… wrapped
… packaged
… weighed down
by life’s demands
… stripped of joy
by life’s circumstances

I want a Christmas that

… wraps me in His presence
… comforts me in His Hope and Love
… is devoted solely to Him
… exchanges anxiety and stress for joy
… is focused on Him
… grows closer to Him
… is thankful for the gift of Scripture
… celebrates the miracle of His birth
… is eternally grateful for Gods unspeakable gift

I want a Christmas that rejoices in, Jesus.

I want a Christmas that whispers, His Holy Name.

I want a Christmas that reminds me of just how loved I truly am.

How loved we are all!

I want a Christmas that brings hope of a better tomorrow, through my Lord and Savior.

I want a Christmas that assures me that because of Jesus I can experience true joy even in the midst of trouble.

I want a Christmas in which to marvel in the wondrous power that took place on that Holy night, in order for God to save the entirety of the world.

Thank You, Father God, for Your

… Unspeakable
… Wonderful
… Priceless
… Inexpressible
… Indescribable

Gift of Our Beautiful Jesus.

May we always celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with delight, elation and tremendous exaltation.

He is worthy of our every praise!




In His Love,

Tina ~

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Prayer – There Is Nothing Like His Presence

Image: Tina Unsell Seamon- Writer

Lord, there is nothing like Your presence. When my heart is wearied, burdened, sorrowful, broken, or bruised, I can boldly come and sit confidently in your presence.

I know you hear the cries of your children. I know you care and want the very best for each of us. It is You that gives us strength when faced with adversity and it is You who sustains us.

I am comforted by your Word that tells me that I will not be forgotten or forsaken. My heart finds its rest in You, Lord.

I never have to worry when the pressures of this life get too heavy or when apprehension rushes at me like a tidal wave everywhere I turn, You are my hiding place. You stand by my side and grant me quietness of mind, calm, and peace as I run into Your conforming arms.

When fear is crippling and even in my wandering I can be rest assured that everything will be alright because we know that all things work together for good to them that love You, Lord, and to them who are called according to Your divine purpose.

I know with You, I can face whatever may come my way. You are my joy. You are my strength. My sustaining power. My Rock and my refuge. My fortress and My high tower. You are the keeper of my heart. Nothing will ever compare to Your loving embrace.

Thank You, Lord, for enfolding me in Your love and powerful presence. My life is made whole and complete in You. I am forever thankful for your mercy and for your grace.

Amen 🙏🏻

Love, Tina ~

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

“I B E L I E V E that there is no other way of life that makes a difference apart from C H R I S T.”

— Tina Unsell Seamon

Words can’t really express my love for Jesus, but if I were to list my affections for Him I would tell you that He is my heart, my everything and His spirit lives within me. He is all I want. I cannot imagine living my life without Him. I am uniquely made by God and I want to mirror His reflection to the world. I believe that there is no other way of life that makes a difference apart from Him. He is my every breath of Life, my reason which I live. His love is so overwhelming and all consuming. He empowers my every weakness with the strength He has to give. He is the love I never knew of, He’s the friend I never had. He calms me with his peace when I lose control and He brings joy when I am sad. He restores my soul. He’s the twinkle dancing in my eyes. He’s the smile upon my face. He’s my motive and my sole inspiration and the spark that ignites my fire. He’s my only hearts desire. He’s my rock and my fortress whom I trust. He’s my hope and my salvation. He’s my savior- JESUS CHRIST!! ♡


“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Matthew 6:21

— 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 𝐵𝓎, 𝒯𝒾𝓃𝒶 …💗

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Photo by Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

I wanted to share a little of my heart with you. This was written for myself as a way to express my thoughts on how I hope the Lord sees MY heart. Because Only HE KNOWS MY TRUE HEART! And He knows yours! May you be blessed! ♡


I see you

I feel your heart

I feel your pain

I have held your tears in the palm of my hand.

I see you

I know when you are happy

I know when your soul is weary

I see you

I am there in the midst of your storm, when life seems unbearable.

I feel your sorrows

I see your sadness

I see you

I feel your tears

I know what it is like for you to live inside your heart and mind.

I see you do it everyday

I see you

I see your love for others

I feel your compassion

I see you go about your days, leading the hurting and the lost to Me.

Even in the midst of your own struggles I see you inspire and encourage others not to give up hope.

I see you pour out your heart and love to those around you.

I see you

I also see that many days you feel like a weary warrior, too tired to fight.

I see when you have exhausted your faith and lost your compassion for My people.

I see you

I have given you the life-giving keys which are found in My Holy Word, that frees you from the things that keep you bound and from claiming victory over your life.

I see your heart and I know that you know that I’m the way.

I know that you know that I’m your freedom and your hope.

I have called you out of the darkness to be a beacon of light for all to see that it is the My Spirit that empowers and guides thee.

I have heard your prayers, and I see that your faith is completed by the work of My Holy Spirit that dwells within you.

I see that you have chosen to walk the rest of my days in my truth.

I see you

From this day forward, I want to draw an eternal depiction, an expression of my love for my beloved daughter.

Each time you pray for someone, you are changing the course of their lives from darkness to light.

You are the salt and light of the earth. Your faith will continue to be an all consuming fire that will burn into the hearts of others for many future generations to come.

You are destined to continue in your unwavering devotion of me all of your days, while faithfully leading and concerning others in the truth of God’s Holy Word, and making multitudes wise unto salvation.

I see you

And I love you, my good and faithful servant.

Your are my beloved daughter and I see you.

Your Eternal King, Christ Jesus

Love, By Tina…

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