Jesus Loves Me

Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

It’s hard to imagine that I’m anything special.
Just a sinner who is loved regardless of my faults or failures.

One day God reached down from the heavens and stole my heart.

From that day forward I was never the same.
He washed away all my guilt and shame.

Jesus became the keeper of my heart.
My love for him will never depart.

When I sit quietly and listen
In stillness I hear.
He softly whispers.
I will always love you —
In so many wonderful ways.

May I never forget His sacrificial love displayed at Calvary’s Cross, so that a sinner just like me may be saved.

Thank You, My Beautiful Jesus!



In His Love,

Tina ~

Copyright © 2019 Tina Unsell Seamon All Rights Reserved