My Hiding Place

You invite me to come
To come and abide
With You awhile
I run to You
My sacred
Hiding place
I run
To find You
Eagerly awaiting
With outstretched arms
You enfold me
In Your grace
You comfort
You strengthen me
In Your quiet abode
I find rest
My refuge
In which to cling
You hide me
From the rising waters
Save me from the turbulent waves
You keep me from drowning
You protect me from
Trouble on all sides
I am released
My chains are unbound
The whispers and the lies
From within are silenced
Painful sorrows
Anguish and grief
Are relinquished
Hidden before You
In Your dwelling
Where the
Temporal things are
Hollowed out
The cracks are
Sealed up
turns to light
Shielded in
Your love and mercy
A hush spills over
The noise of this world
Is muted
A heart quickens
Ears press in
Attuned to only
Your voice
Breathing in
Breathing out
Inhaling Your Glory
Hidden within You
Peacefully unafraid
For thou art with me
You are my hiding place



In His Love,

Tina ~

Copyright Β© 2022 Tina Unsell Seamon All Rights Reserved