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When she looks in the mirror
The reflection she sees
Is a little old lady
Who looks a bit like me.

Her hair is gray,
Thinning, and weak,
And isn’t lustrous
Like it used to be.

Her eyes aren’t sparkling
With beautiful shades of blue.
She can hardly see out of them
Like she used to.

Her face reveals the toil,
Years of hard work and labor.
Her heart always found joy
In helping thy neighbor.

Though the journey has been hard,
Her old age she cannot hide.
God has always been faithful;
She’s thankful for all He provides.

She finds joy in the Lord;
His Word has been her guide
While traveling the road of life,
In Him, she could always confide.

Her life has been a blessing,
She could never deny.
Amidst trials and struggles,
Her faith has never wavered.
In Him, she could always rely.

Sustained and strengthened
By His Promises and Truth,
She finds Hope in Salvation,
In the One whose love was proved.

The old lady in the mirror she sees
Is not the afflicted she once believed.
Old age has been her privilege
God has granted to her to receive.

And Someday very soon,
It won’t be too long,
God in all His glory,
Will be calling her home.

All the earthy burdens
Along her life’s journey
Will cease and no longer be
When she stands before Thee.

Her glorified body to receive.
A heavenly reflection she will see
When He takes her hand
and leads her into eternity..




In His Love,

Tina ~

Copyright © 2019 Tina Unsell Seamon All Rights Reserved

Morning Prayer

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

With each new dawn, brings with it another opportunity to show gratitude and thankfulness for all that we have been blessed to receive.

Thank You Father, For the abundant blessings that are too many to count. We are eternally grateful for all that You give to us. Both, for our pleasure and during those times of trails. Lord, we thank You, because we know that there are blessings; even in the lessons. And that it is all intended for a purpose. We may not always understand, but we can always trust that Your ways are higher than our ways. May we remember to always give thanks for those blessings; that bring us immense joy, but to also give thanks for all Your blessings, that are Your mercies in disguise.


God Bless You

— 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒, 𝒯𝒾𝓃𝒶 ♡

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