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Tina is the Writer / Poet of T. Unsell Poetry

T. Unsell Poetry was founded & created by Tina in 2021 as a platform for ღ | Poetry/Prose | Words | Storytelling | ღ

About — T. Unsell Poetry :

The Unfolding of Something Beautiful — Pearls of Grace

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Poetry is the unfolding of something beautiful that transforms our hearts, minds, souls, spirits, thoughts and memories of untold stories into His beautiful boundless grace — Pearls of grace is what I like to call the untold stories that lies deep beneath and within our  fragile, but beautifully resilient beating hearts.

Its learning to surrender and trust the journey that you have traveled. Alluring to persuade with words those lessons that you have learned that so eloquently leave behind traces of a newly found wisdom, a certain essential gained strength, and finding faith in Almighty God, who sustains you.

Its allowing yourself to express those deep hidden emotions that have been buried and  suppressed for so long by unwanted hurts, loss, grief, and a multitude of sufferings that often times tend to leave us feeling as though we are a lost soul wandering in the desert with a hunger and thirst with no hope of ever being quenched.  Bruised with traumatizing scars that never find a way to heal.

It is through the expressive outlet of writing poetry and my steadfast faith in God that I am learning how to find grace-lined strength to overcome and bring transformation into daily life and living. Without Him, I would have never made it this far.

It is the beautiful whispers from God that he bestows upon my heart and that I desire to share with you while bringing into illumination the reflection of God’s light, love, grace, and mercy through words, poetry and storytelling.

This page and the poetry that I write and the photography that I share is as much a ministry as it is a shared journey to come together in relationship with one another and with Christ.

You are welcome to come along with me on my journey and I hope that something written here speaks to your soul and spirit and encourages you to share the untold breathing’s within your beautiful heart.

Remember, you are not alone. Your story matters! You matter! May you embrace the whispers of God and your untold stories of pearls of grace.

♡ Tina

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