She Walks With Jesus Ministry

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Tina is the Founder / Writer of She Walks With Jesus

She Walks With Jesus was founded & created by Tina in 2021 as a platform for Christian Biblical teaching, writing and messages of encouragement.

About — She Walks With Jesus Ministry :

Walking with Christian Women on the path to faith, freedom and victorious daily living in Christ Jesus.

The Inspiration for She Writes to Serve Him — Read More:

She Walks With Jesus is about equipping women with God’s Word so that they can grow deeper in their faith, knowledge, and understanding of His Truth, experience true freedom in Christ, and live victoriously in daily life by walking hand in hand with Jesus on their path despite the situation or season.

My heart is filled with an abundance of overflowing gratitude that He has specifically chosen to use me, a broken vessel and as a channel for living waters, to proclaim the truth and the gospel for Christ’s sake. I am excited about the path He has set before me.

That is how this She Walks With Jesus came to be —Walking in faith, freedom and victorious daily living in Christ.

Faithfully Walking With Jesus,

♡ Tina

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