The Best Bibles for New Believers

What are the best bibles for new believers? Like most things in life, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer! Everyone absorbs information differently so it is important to find the right Bible for your learning style.

I’ve compiled a list of several different Bibles that are perfect for beginners to start learning and understanding the Bible and how to apply it to their lives.

THE EXPOSITOR’S STUDY BIBLE – LADIES’ EDITION is, we think, one of the most helpful efforts in the world today regarding understanding the Scriptures.

It is the same as all of our other Bibles regarding Text and notes, but with one great exception.  At the front of the THE EXPOSITOR’S STUDY BIBLE – LADIES’ EDITION we have cataloged virtually every woman listed in the Bible and her contribution, whether positive or negative.  Women play an integral role throughout the Bible.  Now you can have information about each of these important women.

This makes this volume altogether different than any other Bible of similar comport.

This is the Bible I use is — JSM Expositor’s Study Bible – KJV, which includes Expositor’s notes after each verse of scripture to help the reader
to more properly understand the Word

(Note: The JSM Expositor’s Study Bible is exclusively the King James Version, however, in order that the text might be a little easier to understand, in some cases, Elizabethan words such as “ye, “hast,”, etc., have been replaced with present day text, for better understanding, however that of which changes not at all the meaning)].

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