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Welcome, friends! ♡ My name is Tina. I am a Christ-centered writer that aims to encourage others in their walk with the Lord and deepen their faith, mostly through poetry, and my own personal journey of faith, but sometimes through essays, and free-form pieces of prose.

I am a Mama to the three amazing boys, a devoted wife, a writer, a poet, and an amateur photographer.

Here you will find a collection of my many passions, gifts & talents that I humbly share with the sole purpose of bringing glory to God.

I am a contributing writer for Calla Press, Radiant Sisters, The Real Deal of Parenting, Her View From Home, Salt & Sparrow & Pray with Confidence. I am also a Freelance Writer + Ghostwriter.

I am also an advocate for mental health and a voice for those struggling with depression. It is my prayer that by sharing my own personal lifelong battle with depression that I may offer hope, grace, and support others through spiritual disciplines and objective truths in Scripture.

As a self-taught ‘creative’, my mind has always envisioned life as if it were a painted canvas, arrayed with magical colors that only one with a sense of wonder could imagine.

My eyes have always seen the beauty in everything around me and my heart eagerly bursts at the seams to capture the miracle of every moment.

My heart is like a poem that continuously needs to unfold into something beautiful.

I am becoming more aware of what my purpose is and how God wants to use the gifts and talents He has given me to bring Him glory.

I am just now allowing the gifts God has given me to come into their fulfillment.

The things that matter to me have always mattered, but were never really allowed to make their way to the surface.

Why would God leave me in such awe and wonder of His creation if He did not want me to see and feel the poetry of it all.

That is why He gave me the desire

To write,

To express His love,

To illuminate Him,

To be His willing vessel that weaves words

into that which draws others into truly knowing His heart.

I am just a pen in the hand of God who wants to write His poetry upon my heart so that I may humbly share …

The Beauty.

The Wonder.

The Awe.

The Joy.

The Miracle of

His Creation.

His Love.

His Mercy.

His Grace.

His Word.

His Gift of Salvation.

His Son-Christ Jesus

With all those who are hurting, lost, and wandering amid the fog of life’s burdens, trials and tribulations, I know that I have been called and set apart for such a time as this.

I understand that I have been chosen to share the gospel of Jesus to all who have ears to listen and receive His amazing gift of salvation.

I don’t want to miss the extraordinary opportunity that God has given me to use whatever gifts and talents He has graciously bestowed upon my heart to bring others in the knowledge of His saving grace.

Through beauty, word, and poem I pray that I will be able to accomplish all that He asks of me in this life, and as He prepares me for the next.

Life truly is beautiful.

God’s love truly is all-encompassing.

And His grace truly is a gift.

Lord, please don’t let me miss the gift of Your beauty, love, and saving grace that is Your handwriting upon my heart, life, and the hearts and lives of others — for I know that you have created such astounding beauty all around us — especially for those who wish to see it.

You are welcomed to follow along this journey with me as God weaves the words and experiences from my heart into blessed poetic expressions — a beautiful tapestry of God’s love from me to you.

With love,

Tina ~

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