About Me

Hello Beloved Friends! My name is Tina. I am glad you stopped by.

This blog is about walking the journey of faith with Christ and sharing the lessons, stories of grace, truth, and encouragement He gives along the way.

I am a Mama to the three amazing boys, a devoted wife, a writer, a poet, and an amateur photographer.

Here you will find a collection of my many passions, gifts & talents that I humbly share with the sole purpose of bringing glory to God. 

Here at Tina Unsell Seamon Blog you will find writing about Christian Motherhood, Family Life, and Marriage & Parenting. You will also find messages on my walk with Jesus, Christian Life & Living, Spiritual-Growth & Maturity, Stories of Grace, Faith & The Gospel Truths. The lessons I’ve learned and that I am still learning along the path God has set before me and the encouragement He gives me to share with you along the way.

I love taking pictures and writing Christian poetry so I hope that I may be able to share some of God’s amazing artwork with you, through my own original images Copyright © Tina Unsell-Seamon — which reflects the beauty that is God’s handwriting, along with poetry and quotes of blessings and encouragement.

This site has become a place to connect with my readers and to share my love of Jesus Christ and the message of the gospel.

It is my desire to boldly share the truth of God’s Word, while unashamedly expressing my heart, always with the hope that others will catch a glimpse of His.

It is my daily prayer that God will continue to bless me with the truth of His Words, so that they may become expressions of His goodness.

Today, and always may He use me as His instrument to inspire and spread His Love.

May you be challenged, convicted, encouraged, and drawn to desire a closer relationship with Jesus.

This blog is not only about my walk with Jesus, but it is to assure others that no matter what you are facing in life, that God has given everyone of His children grace for the journey His grace which fills the empty spaces In all that we are beginning to see. In all that we believe In the becoming and all that we are yet to be – in Christ Jesus.♡

I hope by sharing my journey of daily life, lessons, and living — joyful moments and painful moments, including twists and turns that threaten to undo us — that you will be inspired to bring your real life challenges to Jesus and lay them at His feet while allowing Him to propel you forward into greater efforts in your daily walk of faith and learning how to live life with His grace that He has so graciously provided for the journey.

I also hope that in sharing my life’s experiences and my journey of grace that you would find rest and hear God’s voice gently whisper that there is beauty to be found. In all of it. That life is a gift and everything we experience is of the utmost importance to Him. Whatever the circumstance God has a divine purpose for it all. And with God’s strength, guidance, and His ever-presence in our life, we are given grace for the journey, which equips us to live a grace filled life for the journey ahead, knowing we can and will continue to overcome life’s challenges.

I am honored to have you following along with me as I authentically express the untold stories of grace beating within my fragile, but beautifully brave and courageous heart.

As I walk this path, I’m sharing with you what it is that I’m learning as a Christian, a woman, a wife & mother, and all the the moments in between, knowing that Christ will give me — grace for the journey.

Love, Tina ♡

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