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She listened
as the whispers
from deep within
escaped beneath
the tranquil waters
that flowed serenely
in reflection to
life’s journey.

the limits of thought,
content, but unaware
of the presence of God,
His light begins
to pour in.

He begins
to awaken her
of all the untold
stories beating
within her fragile,
but beautifully
resilient, heart.

Once buried
hurt, pain,
and grief
never allowing
anyone to see
her deepest
darkest secrets,
now were

begin to emerge,
bringing into fruition
living waters
that cross over life’s
stepping stones,
spring forth
into the light.

And without
hesitation the beauty
of surrender begins
to softly cover
like a warm
comforting blanket
over her burdened
and bruised heart
as glimpses
from her past
begin to manifest.

She becomes
aware of His
divine presence
that fills her spirit
with a peace
that surpasses
all understanding.

She begins
to realize that
amongst all the
unwanted hurt,
the suffering,
a multitude of
lived experiences,
the joyful,
and sorrowful
have led her here.

To this place.
To this moment.
To a time such as this.
Where God
has brought her.

To show her.
To teach her
to trust in Him,
and into the
that the road
she has traveled
has brought
and an awakening
to truth –
the truth of who
she is.

His beloved daughter!

Deep within
the hardened shell,
now beginning to soften,
the essence of her
untold stories
begins to unfold
into poignant poetic
of something beautiful.

to persuade
with words
those lessons
that she has learned,
that so eloquently
leave behind
traces of wisdom,
a certain essential
strength, and
faith in the One
who sustains her.

Through her
steadfast faith in God,
and an outlet
of expressive poetry,
she is finally learning
how to find grace-lined
strength to overcome
and to bring transformation
into her daily life and living.

It is because
of the beautiful whispers
from God He has
so graciously bestowed
upon her heart
that she desires
to share with others
a pearl of newfound wisdom
and understanding.

In everything we experience,
in everything that we hold within,
those deep sacred longings
of our souls
holds a story
that is just waiting
to unfold into
something beautiful.

As she listens
to the whispers from God,
mesmerized by
the coolness of the water
trickling alongside
the riverbank,
reflections of His love,
grace, and mercy
begins to illuminate.

It is here at water’s edge,
where His translucent light
began to shine through
the cracks, that she found
the blessings that flow
from being a broken vessel
and in becoming a channel
of living waters.

With steadfast faith,
it was here that
she learned to embrace
the whispers of God
and her untold stories
that beautifully unfolds
into His pearls of grace.

𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮, 𝓣𝓲𝓷𝓪 …💛

Copyright © 2020 / Tina Unsell-Seamon All Rights Reserved

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