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I find Him in the whistling of the wind
And the gentle wrestling of the trees.
How lovely it is,
To watch the falling leaves
Swirling so gently to the ground.
They don’t make a sound.

I find Him on rainy days.
I love the sound of rain.
The raindrops play
Such a sweet refrain,
With its songs
Of deep tranquil melodies,
I feel born again.

I find Him in blue skies.
The heavens declare His glory!
The Work of His hands;
His creation I cannot deny,
Where beauty and bounty reside.

I find Him in the rising of the sun.
In each new morning dawn,
Brings with it another opportunity
To point others towards the ‘Son,’
While showing gratitude and thankfulness,
For all that He has done.

I find Him in sunsets.
A beautiful sunset never fails,
To remind me of God’s glory.
They’re God’s signature on the sky,
And His awe-inspiring message of love,
Written by His finger to tell of His story.

I find Him in each season’s change.
And so, it is with Him;
He tenderly brings;
He is re-creating me
And making me new,
In Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

I find Him in those moments of solitude,
He is my quiet retreat;
My soul finds its rest in Him,
Whenever we meet.

I find Him in the book of scriptures.
His Word is Truth.
It’s His love letters I often read
that always reminds me to just believe.

I find Him in music.
Jesus is my heart song.
He is the reason why I sing.
Come, Holy Spirit,
Have your way in me.

I find Him in my writing.
He is my sole inspiration.
The one I love,
With profound admiration.

I find Him in laughter.
His Joy is my strength.
In Him, I find content.
He is my happily ever after.

I find Him in beloved friends
Who pray more for me
Than I pray for myself.
They are always there
With help or support
And believe along with me
When my faith is weak,
And often offer comfort
On those dark nights
When I cannot sleep.

My friends are blessed gifts sent from God,
Who continuously uplift and guide.
My friendships are true treasures
That I will cherish forever.

I find Him in the arms of my children,
Wrapped lovingly around my neck.
They are precious gifts
I never did expect.
His blessed rewards.
How can He love me this much?
How can I ever thank Him enough?
By, bringing them up in the way they should go,
And when they are old they will know;
That Jesus is Lord.

I find Him in His love,
Proven by His nail-scarred hands.
I will go and tell of it
Across the land.
That Jesus is our blessed Savior;
Sent down from the heavens above.
He hung on a cross to prove His love.

I find Him when I was blinded,
And could not see.
He reached out His hand for me,
Whispering precious daughter
I have redeemed thee.

I find Him in the many blessings,
He so graciously bestows.
How can I express my gratitude?
A debt of service to Him I owe.

I find Him in all things.
The invisible and the seen.
I adore Him.
He is my Everything.
Joy to my Heart He brings.
He is Enough.
I need no other thing.

My Beautiful Jesus!
Oh, how I love you,
My Lord and Savior.
Keeper of my heart.
My love for You
Will never depart.

I find Him
And He finds me.
Forever and Always,
I will praise Thee!
Today, and for all eternity!

– Love, By Tina…πŸ—πŸ’™

Copyright Β© 2018/ Tina Unsell Seamon All Rights Reserved

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