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Hi Beloveds, I’m Tina, Writer for Tina Unsell Seamon Blog.

Here, you’ll find a record of my walk with Christ and the journey He takes me on each and every day. The lessons He teaches me through trials, heartache, and joys of life. The challenges He sets before me through His Word and His leading. To encourage and inspire as I am encouraged and inspired. I long to draw others closer to Him. It is my deep desire to share that which invites others into truly knowing God’s heart. As I walk this path, I’m sharing with you what it is that I’m learning as a Christian, a woman, a wife & mother, and all the moments in between.

Thank you for being here, sweet friend. I’m so grateful the Lord has brought us together!

I am so blessed that you are here, grab your Bibles and some coffee, and let’s have a conversation about our walk of Faith with Christ Jesus, Christian Motherhood, Christian Life & Living, Spiritual-Growth & Maturity , Marriage, Parenting, Christian Poetry and much much more…

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    In the early morning,before dawn breaks over the horizon,before the blissful sounds of birdsong,before the glistening dew fadesfrom the roses,before the rush of the day beginsI find Him waiting to comeand sit with me for a while. I invite Him into my heart,my thoughts,my hopes,and my prayers and askfor a fresh cup of infillingof His […]
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